Hops are essential to creating great beer so if you want the best tasting beer you need high quality hops. The best way to get high quality, fresh hops is for you to be growing your own hops at home!

By growing hops at home you create that extra element of enjoyment and satisfaction knowing that you have grown a key ingredient in the beer making process.

Many beginner brewers start out using pellet hops which have been mass produced, machine harvested and machine processed. There is no way you can know how much care went into those pellet hops or if they have been damaged, which ultimately damages the taste and quality of your beer.

By growing your own hops at home you can stop using poor quality pellet hops and start having real influence over your beer by growing your own fresh hops.

We are mad about hops here at and we love how hops can change a beers character so we encourage everyone to grow their own hops.

You can control this key ingredient of beer which makes growing hops at home exciting and it will take your beer to the next level.

Growing hops that you can call your own, is a rewarding experience.

All Your Questions Answered

You will have many questions during the various growing stages with some typical questions being: 

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  • How do I select the variety of hops to grow in MY backyard?
  • What do I do with a Rhizome?
  • What the heck is a Rhizome?
  • What type of Trellis should I be using?
  • What the heck is a Trellis?
  • When do I harvest?

Some websites aim to answer these questions but they either have to little information or irrelevant information that is aimed at commercial growers.

Because we are hop crazy, we pulled together all the knowledge we have learnt to create a resource that is aimed specifically at the backyard grower. It has all the information you will ever need to grow your own hops.

Growing Your Own Hops at Home

In our growing hops at home e-book there are over 25 pages including colour photographs at all the main growing stages. This is a resource that doesn’t just give the same information everyone else has.

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  • Take your beer to the next level.
  • Avoid particular species that won’t grow in your area.
  • Get hops in the first growing season.
  • Avoid the potentially damaging effects of disease and insects
  • Harvest your hops at full bloom by following simple steps
  • Impress your friends and family with the hops grown in your own backyard.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of drinking your beer knowing you have grown one of the key ingredients.

You have decided to make the investment of your time to grow your own hops. Growing hops yourself is a rewarding experience but equating your investment of time to a dollar value, you are actually investing hundreds of dollars worth of your time…. That is why doing it right is so important.

You need to avoid common mistakes that will set back your harvest or even worse, make wrong decisions that will make you miss the growing season all together.

You can avoid these mistakes with this carefully laid out and illustrated e-book, it will give you the confidence, the techniques and the knowledge you need to successfully grow hops in your back yard.

Considering the time investment involved you can feel confident that buying this e-book for only $9.99 is great value for an excellent harvest of hops.


If you are not 100% sure that this growing hops at home e-book is exactly what you need, this guarantee should put your mind at ease. You have a guarantee that if you are not happy with the e-book for ANY reason, you have 60 days to just let us know and we will INSTANTLY send you an immediate refund….. its that simple.


By purchasing now you will lock in the $9.99 price and we will also include the following bonus Growing Hops - 5 Mistakes of the First Time Grower

Bonus – 5 Mistakes of The First Time Grower

This Bonus is a great read and will only be available for a short time.


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So if you are serious about your hops and you want the best chance of having a great harvest from your own grown hops, invest the $9.99 now as you have nothing to lose by buying this e-book.

By purchasing this e-book now, you will receive instructions for downloading your e-book, directly to your email inbox within the next five minutes.

P.S. Remember if you buy today you lock in todays price and a free bonus product, this is only for a short time so lets get going and start growing some hops!!

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