7 Reasons

You should have hops growing at home!!

Here are the top 7 reasons you should have hops growing at your home………

7 Reasons to have hops growing at home1. Because Hops are in Demand

The explosion in craft beer has seen a strong increase in the use of hops in beers.  The hop quantity in craft beers is normally around 5 times that of normal beers so brewers are finding it more difficult to get the amount of hops they need at a good price.

2. Hops are Getting More Expensive

As supply of hops is decreasing and the price of buying hops is increasing. The increase of hops is even grabbing the attention of financial markets.

“Hop Prices soar as US Craft beer boom takes off’ Financial times

3. Growing Hops is Rewarding

Pelleted hops are easy to come by, but by having hops growing at your own home, this not only gives your beer your own personal touch…….it’s rewarding and satisfying.

4. Guaranteed Freshness

By Growing hops yourself and using your own home grown hops, you can pick the hop cone right off your own plant. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!

5. You Control the Quality of Hops

Growing and caring for your home grown hops is easy and you can monitor your plant to see how much or little care it really needs.If your passionate about beer, why place one of the key ingredients of beer quality in other peoples hands?? If you Grow Hops Yourself, you are the one in control!

6. You Will Get Hops Year After Year.

A hop plant grows over the spring and summer months before dying back to the root system over winter only to return again in the spring. Once you plant the rhizome, the hop plant will keep producing year after year until you remove the original rhizome you planted.

7. To Add That Extra Touch to Your Hand Crafted Beer.

Growing Hops at home and knowing that you did it yourself makes your beer more unique. Hops are a crucial ingredient in beer and if you grow hops yourself, your beer will be more original than other home brewers.

There are many reasons you should have hops growing at home, above are just 7……… Growing hops at home is easy and its made even easier by the How to Grow Hops at Home ebook that you can purchase here.

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Everything you need to know about growing hops at home

High-Resolution-eCover-JPGIf you are hop mad like us, growing hops at home is your next step, its easy and its made even simpler by the Growing your Own Hops at Home ebook that is now available.

Its all here: the different varieties of hops, the growing seasons and cycles, what to do with your rhizomes, how to choose your hop plant, where to plant your hops, caring for your hops, harvesting hops, drying hops and preparing for each growing season.


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