What is a hop rhizome? lets find out……

what is a hop rhizomeIf you are thinking about growing your own hops at home, by now you have probably asked yourself what is a hop rhizome?

So what is a hop rhizome? what does it do? what is it used for? Here we will go through these questions and more so that we all know what the heck a hop rhizome is.

What is a hop rhizome?

First of all a hop rhizome is what hop growers use to plant in the ground which will eventually become a hop plant. The rhizome itself is a cut off portion from the root system of an existing hop plant. A person has literally cut part of their existing hop plant and are giving it (probably selling) it to you. 

Why use a hop rhizome?

People use hop rhizomes because they have a much higher success rate than seeds. You also know that your rhizome has been cut from a successful hop producing plant. This means it will give you a greater chance of growing good quality hops yourself!

When can I get hop rhizomes?

Hop rhizomes are not available all year round. They are only available towards the end of winter. Below is when you should start contacting hop rhizome suppliers:

  • Northern Hemisphere: February / March
  • Southern Hemisphere: August / September

What Hop rhizomes are right for me?

There are many types of hop rhizomes you can buy. It all depends on what is available in your area at the time and what type of beer you would like to brew.

Certain hops are associated with particular beers. For example.

  • The Hop Rhizome Saaz is associated with pilsners
  • The Hop Rhizome Cascade is associated with American pale ales
  • The Hop Rhizome Simcoe is associated with American IPA.

An easy way to determine what hop rhizome you should buy is by looking at your favorite beer and seeing what hops are associated with that style of beer.


Some of more popular rhizomes are:

Cascade Hops, Citra Hops, Centennial Hops, Simcoe Hops, Chinook Hops and Saaz Hops. (For more on hop varieties refer USAhops.org)

Where do I get a hop rhizome?

There are many places where you can get your hop rhizomes from. There are hop farmers that have set up online shops all over the world that are ready to send them to you. We have two great articles that talk more about buying hop rhizomes here:

Buying rhizomes in the States

Buying rhizomes in Canada

What do I do with my rhizomes?

You should plant them of course! but that is new topic that we talk about here: Our guide to planting hops

If you can’t plant them straight away we also go into detail here on storing hop rhizomes until your ready.

I now know what a hop rhizome is:

Now you are full bottle on what a hop rhizome actually is, why you use them, when they are available and what you should do with them. If your interested in growing hops you should check out other interesting articles on the site or you can sign up to email list on the top right of screen.

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