How to Grow Hops:

Planting Hops – 3 easy steps

Planting hops rhizomes is easy when you know how! There are a few things you should do before planting your hops eg. picking the best place to plant, checking the soil and then planting the hops correctly. Below are three easy steps for you to follow.

Step 1: Site Selection

The site selection in your backyard is very important, it needs to be full of sunlight and have enough space for the hop plant to grow. To read more about the site selection we explain more about it here, or if you know all about that already, keep reading to find out more about the planting of your hops.

Step 2: Soil preparation

The area that you choose for planting your hops needs to be weed free. So if you need to spend some time clearing our some of those weeds it’s best you do it, this avoids the weeds sucking up water and room that your hop plant needs for growing.

The soil you have should allow for good draining of water. Water should not pool in the area after rain or after you water your hop plant. .

If pooling or drainage is a problem you need to condition the soil for better drainage.  You can change out the existing soil in the selected area with a mixture of the old soil and gravel, this allows the water to drain freely.

Another good tip to help with drainage build up a mound of the new soil mixture, this will allow excess water to drain away from the plant as well.

Step 3: Planting Hops Rhizomes

When you look at your rhizome, you will notice roots and you will notice some buds. It is important when planting your hops that these two are buried correctly. It is most important to make sure the buds are facing upwards, towards the surface. This is to ensure that the buds have the quickest possible path to the surface.

If your rhizome has no buds and only some roots, place the roots facing down into the ground. This will ensure that the roots have room to grow down and across to give your plant good stability and to get the nutrients it needs from the soil.

Now you have everything prepared and checked off, it is time to place the hop rhizome into the ground. The rhizome should be planted about 2 inches (5cm) deep. This will allow for enough soil to surround the rhizome and not create too great of a challenge for the rhizome buds to penetrate though the soil.

Planting Hops Checklist
That’s it!

Because you now know all about planting hops, if you want the basic overview of the entire hop growing process including how to care for your hops check out the following: How to grow hops: 5 basic steps

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